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19:11; Dhikr, jemaah, dan syahadat agama Islam 19:33; jemaah dan syahadat lelaki jilbab jelata dalam hadits daripada mana saja 19:41; syahadat yang diberikan dalam hukum berdasarkan kata Allah : And Allah is the Truth, those who have taqwa and search for the truth; those who have knowledge of the Book are those who will succeed. 19:52; Syahadat yang diberikan dalam hadits daripada mana saja atau yang dibuat sendiri adalah istilaatullah.Q: How to create sub array from array containing Object I have an array containing a list of objects, so basically it looks like this: [ { 0: "value" 1: "something" }, } ] I need to create a sub array where I remove the outer objects as well as the first two objects. So in this case the new array would look like this: I'm guessing it's something like: for (var x in myArray) { myNewArray.push({ myArray[x].0 }); } But it's not working. How can I achieve this? A: for (var i=0; iEvery day, dozens of young men fling themselves off the top of moving trains, but authorities say a 72-year-old commuter went one step further. Robert M. Hall was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly trying to jump from a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train into a ravine



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