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Who Is Behind

New Beginnings Training

Vince Bartholomew is the owner and founder of New Beginnings Training. Vince is a family man, devoted husband of over 22 years, and a father of seven. A graduate of Grambling State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Recreational Therapy, a 4th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo. Twenty plus years as a well sought after personal trainer. Vince is not just a professional trainer, he's a motivator. He's very passionate and concerned about your health. Dedicated to his mission of promoting health and fitness awareness.  Vince built this website to reach and help more people meet their fitness goals.



NBT Mission is to encourage people take care of their health. Its our mission to promote discipline and consistency while improving healthy habits.
It is very important to not neglect your health.
Our focus is physical, mental and emotional health through fitness/level training routines.


Our vision is to "be passionate like fire."
Which means creating an environment where individuals want to push pass their physical limits, by creating a passion for fitness and your overall wellness. Remember "Fire doesn't always consume, it also cleanses. Fire purges the old and gives birth to the new you." At New Beginnings Training we will teach you to endure the "fire".

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